We provide expertise and support for you across business solution design, evaluation and implementation.

Our engagements are tailored to your needs and geared to add the maximum value to your projects. We don’t just provide resources, we provide knowledge and expertise.

Among many other benefits, our consultation services:

Consulting: Industry Best Practice

Want to ensure that your organisation is in line with the best practices of the industry?

  • Ensure you are ready for upcoming regulatory requirements
  • Streamline your processes to achieve the highest efficiency
  • Benchmark your solution against the various solutions used by the industry

Best in class solutions

The environment in which a bank operates changes constantly, mainly due to factors such as regulatory requirements, new service providers and technological advances. We help you in improving your business processes by providing insights into the best practices used in the industry.

We aid you in designing and implementing solutions best suited for your organization, which are in line with the best practices of the industry to ensure that your organisation remains at the cutting edge. We have extensive experience in providing solutions for business process enhancements in the following areas:

  • Order Management (Electronic Execution / Straight Through Processing)
  • Structured Products and Derivatives (Valuation, Analytics, Termsheets, Lifecycle Management)
  • Risk Management (Operational, Market, Credit and Investment Risk), eg Propriety Trading, Stress Testing, Pricing
  • Management Information Systems

Consulting: Get What You Pay For

Can you be sure that you are getting what you pay for?

  • Ensure the most appropriate solution is selected
  • Bridge gaps between organisational needs and vendor solutions
  • Validate solutions delivered by vendors to ensure that they are in line with the best practices

Solution Evaluation

Find the most appropriate solution for a particular requirement via 42 Consulting’s holistic approach that examines the internal and external environments.

By understanding the high level requirements of the organisation and its constraints, we will examine various solutions and identify the solution that best fits the organisation.

Solution Design

Sub-optimal solution design can impede your business and increase costs significantly. By taking into consideration factors such as strategic direction, client’s requirements, product offerings, business processes and organisational structure, we will design a solution that allows you to grow your business with maximum benefit.

Solution Delivery

Working together with various stakeholders we apply our expertise and experience to implementing the solutions effectively and efficiently. By collaborating with stakeholders we will also verify and ensure that the solutions implemented cover all requirements and meet your prescribed quality standards.

Consulting: Subject Matter Expertise

Can you allocate the right subject matter experts to your key projects?

  • Ensure that you have the best subject matter expertise available as you embark on new projects
  • Gain a holistic view of potential solutions and issues with the relevant options evaluated
  • Increase cross stream collaboration in projects

Subject Matter Expertise

With our knowledge and hands-on experience within the wealth management space, we have a good understanding of requirements from a client’s perspective. This enables us to provide various tenable options to resolve the issues at hand, design the most suitable solutions and even challenge requirements where appropriate.

We have extensive experience in setting up business processes and solutions for the following areas across all product categories:

  • Electronic trading and order management
  • Risk Management
  • New product/process implementation
  • Structured Products and Derivatives
  • Front to back process enhancements

Holistic view

With our hands on experience in working with and providing consulting services for multiple wealth mangers we have gained an in-depth understanding of the needs, wants and constraints faced by various institutions. Armed with this experience we are able to provide you with a holistic view of the solutions that you are seeking and thus enable you to make the most informed decision for your organisation.