MDCMS has helped companies to streamline their change management processes since 1996. The iSeries based solution supports changes across multiple platforms and ensures that clients are compliant with the relevant regulations.

Solutions provided by MDCMS include:

MDCMS Use Case: Cross-Platform deployment

How can we manage cross platform developments and deployments to IBM i, Unix and AIX?


Does your current solution allow you to:

  • Manage changes on multiple platforms in one solution?
  • Roll back changes in the event of unsuccessful deployments on multiple platforms?
  • Manage vendor deployments as well as in-house developments?
  • Perform version control across all platforms?

Rollback across multiple platforms

If any critical component fails to deploy correctly, the complete package can be rolled back on all platforms. Versions of all sources and objects are archived and auditable.

Automated Deployment

The entire deployment process can be automated. In case of unexpected problems during deployments, fully automated escalation procedures can be defined based on severity.

MDCMS Use Case: Change Management Process

Are our IBM i change management processes efficient?


Does your current solution provide:

  • Workflow support for all stages of change management?
  • Referencing tools for analysing program flow and files?
  • Fully automated distribution of object packages?
  • Efficient initial setup of the solution?

Workflow Management

MDWorkflow enables companies to benefit from an organised methodology in managing their system changes. This integrated solution covers design, development, testing and deployment in an efficient way and ensures compliance with policies. Web based approval makes the process easy and convenient for users.

Developer Tools

Referencing Tools allow developers to analyse program flows and files. Any object dependencies are visible without the need to check lines of code.

Automated Deployment

If all stakeholders have approved a change request through MDWorkflow, deployment can be scheduled automatically and requires no manual intervention.

MDCMS Use Case: Auditability

How to fulfill all regulatory requirements in Technology Risk Management?


Does your current solution provide you with:

  • Complete trackability and auditability of all source and object changes?
  • Clearly defined deployment cycles enforce compliance for any software changes?
  • Fully automated rollback procedures which can be defined?
  • End-to-end change management processes?
  • The ability to set up an unlimited number of environments?


All previous versions of objects and sources are archived. Changes are therefore traceable and can be rolled back in case of any critical issues.

Deployment Flow

Predefined flows through promotion levels ensures compliance with policies. Rules and conditions can be implemented and enforced depending on the deployment level.

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