42 Consulting and LexiFi embarked on our partnership in 2015. From initially working to expand LexiFi’s reach into Asia, over the years, the relationship has deepened to a much more strategic and integral one.

The partnership is now focused on revolutionising the financial technology landscape within and beyond the wealth management space.

With the aim to bring a flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution to the global market, 42 Consulting and LexiFi work in close collaboration to improve and shape the offering.

42 Consulting is the regional representative for LexiFi in Asia focused on growing the Asian franchise.

About LexiFi

About LexiFi

LexiFi is the market’s most complete software solution for derivative investments products.

Its advanced features such as lifecycle management, pricing, document generation, reporting and risk management will elevate any financial institution’s platform to the next level.

Based on an innovative approach to modelling and managing financial contracts, LexiFi provides a flexible solution which can handle almost every product type in the marketplace.

LexiFi’s goal to tame financial product diversity has fuelled constant research and development, keeping it at the forefront of developments in the industry.

With its stellar track record of being a cutting-edge solution within the financial industry over the last 20 years, LexiFi has amassed a long list of notable clients globally.

To learn more about LexiFi,  check out their website.

Collaborative Services

To ensure the optimal usage of the Lexifi and to reap maximum benefits, 42 Consulting has developed 2 distinctive services;  Consulting Services and Implementation Services.

Consulting Services

Analysis and DesignProject ManagementMigration Strategy

Analysis and Design

To ensure that the optimum utility of LexiFi is acheived for any organisation, proper analysis and design are essential. Ensuring that LexiFi and other systems present within an organisation’s architecture work in cohesion is critical. We work with LexiFi’s clients to understand the business, procedural, organisational and technological requirements and propose a target operating model (TOM) which ensures that an organisation will leverage its capabilities to reap maximum benefits.

Project Management

We provide clients with project management services to ensure a smooth and speedy implementation within the organisation. By understanding clients’ requirements, constraints and objectives, we manage the scope, resources, and timelines to deliver LexiFi implementations efficiently.

Migration Strategy

A key component of every system is data. And with every new implementation of a system, it is critical to get the right data in the right format migrated into the system. But data migration can be time-consuming and challenging if not managed properly. That’s why we help new clients to develop a migration strategy taking into account the overall data architecture of the organisation.

From identifying data sources to working on data conversion and mappings, we provide an end-to-end strategy for data migration to help companies have a smooth transition into using LexiFi.

Implementation Services

Documentation Template Design and Implementation
Report Template Design
LexiFi Customisation
Migration Execution