Consulting: Get What You Pay For

Can you be sure that you are getting what you pay for?

  • Ensure the most appropriate solution is selected
  • Bridge gaps between organisational needs and vendor solutions
  • Validate solutions delivered by vendors to ensure that they are in line with the best practices

About 42 Consulting Pte Ltd

42 Consulting provides business consulting services to financial institutions, specializing in the wealth management space.

We work with banks and various financial institutions, understanding and addressing their needs and concerns; being the catalyst in connecting all parties in cross-functional projects.

Solution Evaluation

Find the most appropriate solution for a particular requirement via 42 Consulting’s holistic approach that examines the internal and external environments.

By understanding the high level requirements of the organisation and its constraints, we will examine various solutions and identify the solution that best fits the organisation.

Solution Design

Sub-optimal solution design can impede your business and increase costs significantly. By taking into consideration factors such as strategic direction, client’s requirements, product offerings, business processes and organisational structure, we will design a solution that allows you to grow your business with maximum benefit.

Solution Delivery

Working together with various stakeholders we apply our expertise and experience to implementing the solutions effectively and efficiently. By collaborating with stakeholders we will also verify and ensure that the solutions implemented cover all requirements and meet your prescribed quality standards.