Our Focus

The environment in which banks operate changes constantly, mainly due to factors such as regulatory requirements, new service providers and technological advances. We help banks keep abreast of the moving trends by providing insights into the best practices applied in the industry.

While the external environment is important, understanding the internal environment is critical to the success of any initiative. Our experience in leading solution design and implementation projects provides us with a solid understanding required to overcome issues and anticipate the risks surrounding the execution of projects in challenging environments.

With a unique combination of knowledge, experience and technology, we work to help our clients solve their challenges in innovative and efficient ways.


With more than 15 years of banking experience, we have decided to venture into the entrepreneurial world 5 years ago to solve problems and help banks and companies achieve success.

We are two individuals driven by passion who love challenging ourselves and pushing the limits of what’s possible to come up with solutions that improve work processes.

Colin Anthony

Colin brings over 15 years of experience in banking and consulting. Having a strong grounding in both technology and finance, he has helped numerous companies in the Wealth Management space navigate a wide range of projects. From core banking implementations, process improvements, risk management and compliance initiatives and new product/process implementations to mention a few, he brings a practical approach to problem-solving across a wide genre of topics.

Colin is a CAIA Charterholder, has an MSc in Applied Finance and a Bachelors in Computing. He’s also a PMP certified project manager.

Besides the learning opportunities I experience through our consulting firm, what really keeps me going is the opportunity to help people. I get immense satisfaction from connecting with people, building genuine relationships and improving their lives by making their daily work better.

Rene Hess

Rene is an ever-curious entrepreneur and inventor who loves challenging the status quo in the tech space in order to solve problems and create new opportunities. As the co-founder of 42 Consulting, Rene wants to help banks….

In the finance space, it’s crucial to be open-minded for new ideas and proposals. After all, just because something was always done in a certain way, it does not mean it is the best way.